The following information shows the records exposed via the Payroll REST interface 

It should be noted that this REST interface covers a very small sub set of the NetSuite records. It is designed to simplify common payroll integration requirements and is not designed for use outside of the payroll functionality.

REST Records & Fields

Supported Record Types

The following table outlines the record types that are currently supported by the Payroll Web Service. The columns denote the actions that can be performed on each record type.

Record TypeNetSuite Name (ID if different)descriptiongetlistsearchaddupdatedeletefunctions
employeeemployeeemployee record(tick)(tick)

departmentdepartmentdepartment record(tick)(tick)

classificationclassificationclassification record



jobtitlePosition Title (customrecord_pr_position_title)Position Title record(tick)(tick)

locationlocationlocation record(tick)(tick)

payratePay Component Sub Type (customrecord_pr_pcst)pay rate for a given time period(tick)(tick)

timeentryTime Entry (timebill)time representation for an employee for a date, pay rate and duration

subsidiarysubsidiarysubsidiary (NetSuite One World Only)(tick)(tick)

taxscalecustomrecord_payg_calc_typeThe ATO tax scales(tick)(tick)

workingweekcustentity_pr_working_weekEmployee Working Week

leaverequestcustomrecord_pr_leave_requestLeave Request record(tick)

payslippdfcustomrecord_pr_documentPDF Payslip(tick)(tick)

tfndeclarationsupport planned for upcoming release


Record Type: employee
Request FieldDescriptionNetSuite IDNotes
idunique numeric identifier for the employee recordinternalidfirst employee added to the account gets the -5 internal id (can't check positive)
externalidunique identifier for the employee record set by external systemexternalidis unique but can be alphanumeric
salutationMr, Mrs etcsalutation
firstnamefirst name of employeefirstname
middlenamemiddle name of employeemiddlename
lastnamelast name of employeelastname
emailemail address of employeeemail
jobtitleJob Title of employeetitle
jobtitleidinternal id of employee Position Titlecustentity_pr_position_titleinternalid of the employees position title. (position titles are automatically matched and added in sync employee function)
genderemployee gendergenderdefaults to b if not set, either m for male or f for female
mobilephonemobilephonemobilephonemobile phone
supervisoremployees immediate supervisorsupervisorinternalid of the employee's supervisor
hiredatestart datehiredateemployee's start date (YYYY-MM-DD)
birthdatedate of birthbirthdateemployee's date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
releasedatetermination dateterminationdateemployee termination date (YYYY-MM-DD)
maritalstatusmarital statusmaritalstatusinternalid of the employees marital status (Setup > Accounting > Employee Related Lists)
subsidiarysubsidiary of the employeesubsidiarythis field will be automatically set on all records associated to the employee

Note: the employee fields listed are as returned from the get and getList operation, see syncEmployee request for a full list of fields that can be set and updated.

Department / Class / Location / Subsidiary

Record Type: department / classification / location / subsidiary
Request FieldDescriptionNetSuite IDNotes
inactivewhether the record is inactiveisinactiveset to T for inactive, F otherwise
idunique record identifierinternalidautonumber
externalid external unique record identifierexternalidprimary key from external system
namenohierarchyname of the record (e.g Sales, Accounting / Brisbane)namenohierarchythe name of the record
namefull name of the recordnamefull name of the record with parent relationship (e.g NSW : Brisbane )

Pay Rate

Record Type: payrate
Request FieldDescriptionNetSuite IDNotes
inactivewhether the record is inactiveisinactiveset to T for inactive, F otherwise
id unique numeric identifier for the recordinternalidThe internalid for a given pay rate (note this can be different between accounts)
externalidexternal unique record identifierexternalidprimary key from external system
name name nameFor example Normal Time / Overtime etc.
showintimeentrywhen setting a payrate on time entry only those rates available to show in time entry can be setcustrecord_pr_pcst_time_entryset to T for available in time entry, F otherwise

Time Entry

Record Type: timeentry
Request FieldDescriptionNetSuite IDNotes
idinternal idinternalid
externalidexternal unique record identifierexternalidprimary key from external system
employeeinternal id of the employeeemployee
subsidiaryemployee's subsidiary idsubsidiaryemployee's subsidiary
reportingsubsidiaryinternal id of subsidiary time was incurred incustcol_pr_reportingsubsidiaryused for reporting only.
datedate of timeentrydatestart date e.g 2014-02-02
startdatetimestart date and time of time entrycustcol_pr_time_startdtfield used for reporting only e.g 2014-02-10T08:40:35
enddatetimeend date and time of time entrycustcol_pr_time_enddtfield used for reporting only e.g 2014-02-10T08:40:35
durationduration in hourshourssystem expects a decimal so you would sent 1.5 to record 1 hour and 30 minutes
payrateidinternal id of the pay ratecustcol_pr_pcst
ispaidreturns true if time has been included in a payruncustcol_pr_payrunreturned in search should not be set.
memodescription of workmemo
departmentinternalid of departmentdepartmentif not set will default from employee
classificationinternalid of classificationclassificationif not set will default from employee
locationinternalid of locationlocationif not set will default from employee

Payslip PDF

Record Type: payslippdf
Request FieldDescriptionNetSuite IDNotes
inactiveWhether the record is inactiveisinactiveSet to T for inactive, F otherwise
idUnique numeric identifier for the recordinternalid
externalidExternal unique record identifierexternalidnull if not set
lastmodifiedLast modified date of Payslip PDFlastmodifiedFormatted according to integration user's preferences
nameName of the Payslipname
employeeEmployee the payslip belongs tocustrecord_pr_prd_employee
fileFile object including base64 encoded file binary contentcustrecord_pr_prd_document


"file": {
"filetype": "PDF",
"filename": "Assembly_Instructions.pdf",
"base64": "<REMOVED>"

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