Error Codes and Solutions

Most error messages that may be displayed on a Pay Event should be self-explanatory. If you've received a cryptic error message and are unsure of what to do then please refer to the below table. You should perform the action(s) described before you Contact Support.

Error CodeError MessageAction
EBMS:0101Internal error occured.It's likely that the ATO's servers are offline. Check the Current SBR System Status page (lookup "ATO" in the table). If no outage is currently reported, try click Retry Submission and if that ends up failing then Contact Support.
CMN.ATO.GEN.200001An unexpected error has occurred. Please contact the Tax OfficeMake sure you have:
CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03A field contains invalid data (such as letters in numeric or date field)

It's likely that the employee record referenced has an invalid character in the employee ID, Employee Name and/or address fields. You should check all employee fields as referenced here Important Employee Details (STP)

If that is not the issue then it may be that Allowances are being reported without an STP Allowance Type set. Rerun the Branch Setup Assistant (Configure STP) and ensure you have set a STP Allowance Type for ALL allowances listed.

Troubleshooting Pay Events

Review Pay Events

You can easily review all Pay Events by selecting the following menu option: Payroll Administration > Single Touch Payroll (AU) > Pay Events Overview

The status of each Pay Event is easily identifiable using the coloured icons on the left. For more information, refer to the following table.


MeaningPossible Action

Data for the Pay Event is being calculatedNone. Wait till the process completes.

The Pay Event was rejected by the ATOOpen the Pay Event, review the error details including the Submission Errors sublist, and take appropriate action.

The Pay Event was partially accepted by the ATOOpen the Pay Event and review the Submission Errors sublist. If required, take appropriate action.

The Pay Event was accepted in full by the ATONone.
<NO ICON>The Pay Event is pending submission or is currently being submitted to the ATONone. Wait, or open the Pay Event for more detail.

Identify Successful Submissions

A successful STP Pay Event can be easily identified by the green banner visible when opening the Pay Event record.

Alternatively, you should also receive an email notification when the server receives a response from the ATO. Finally, you may also like to Review Pay Events. 

Deal with Failed/Rejected Submissions

If a Pay Event is rejected by the ATO (I.e. submission has failed), then you will need to address any error(s) identified and re-submit immediately. Pay Events can fail for a number of reasons, all will be displayed with a red banner as per the screenshot below.

Once you have fixed the error(s), click the Retry Submission button.

Transmission type errors will be displayed in the red banner. Most errors, will however be detailed in the Submission Errors sublist. 

Deal with Partially Successful Submissions

If a Pay Event is partially accepted by the ATO, a yellow banner will appear on the Pay Event and details of the error(s) will be available in the Submission Errors sublist.

Scroll down to to see the Submission Errors sublist and review the information available. As per the ATO's guidelines, fixes for most errors may be deferred till the next regular pay cycle for any affected employee(s). Regardless, you should address any error(s) in the system immediately to ensure they're fixed for the next submission.

If you'd like to create an Update Pay Event to fix errors for any employees with the ATO now, then click the Generate Update Pay Event for Affected Employees button.

Only Employees with Error(s) will be displayed in the Submissions Errors sublist. Employees that do not appear here were accepted (successful) by the ATO. To see the full list of Employees and the data included with a Pay Event, select the Pay Event Employee tab/sublist.

Recalculate a Pay Event

The two most common scenarios for recalculating a Pay Event are:

  • If a previous data calculation process has failed 
  • If you've made changes to a Pay Run or Employee data and would like the (un-submitted) Pay Event to reflect the changes.

To recalculate the data, open the and click the Recalculate Data button.

Delete a Pay Event

A Pay Event can ONLY be deleted if it hasn't been submitted to the ATO. If you've noticed issues with the data included on a Pay Event that hasn't been submitted yet, or have made changes (e.g. in a Pay Run) and you'd like the Pay Event to reflect the changes, then you should Recalculate the Pay Event instead of deleting it.

To delete a Pay Event that hasn't been submitted yet, open the record and click the Delete Pay Event button. If you've