Once you have completed all payrun activity for the tax year, and successfully submitted all associated FPS you can go ahead and submit the final Employer Payment Summary (EPS) of the tax year.

As with other EPS through out the year the process splits into two:

  1. Initialise the payment summary (either from a payrun in the final tax month, or from an FPS for the tax month)
  2. Review the EPS data and submit the EPS to the HMRC

Complete by 19th of April

The Final EPS must be submitted by the 19th of April

UK End Of Year Guide

Initialise EPS

To initialise the EPS record navigate to your final pay run of the tax year and click the link "initiate the EPS (Employer Payment Summary)", or alternatively from the associated FPS click the "Create EPS" button. If you have already created the EPS for the tax period click the View EPS button.

Review EPS

By default the Month 12 EPS has the final checkbox checked, and the system will have calculated any statutory recoverables for the period, based on the payslips with pay dates in the taxperiod. In addition the system will sum this period recoverables, along with the recoverables from prior period EPS to total the YTD amounts which are reported to HMRC.

You should review and verify:

If you need to update the employer allowance click edit on the record and check employer allowance and confirm your eligibility in the popup box. You are now ready to submit the EPS.

17/18 Tax Year Update: In previous years the final EPS process has required questions and declarations to be completed. HMRC has now removed this requirement simplifying the step

Submitting EPS

Once the EPS has been reviewed, the EPS is ready to be submitted and poll to confirm its success. As with all HMRC submission the process comprises of two steps:

1) Submit - this sends the EPS to HMRC who validate the structure of the EPS and ensure the submission complies with its data validation. HMRC will either return
2) Poll - After a successful submission, a second call is made to HMRC to ask what the outcome of the submission has been. During busy periods HMRC may not return a response immediately, eventually you will see the response Submission Complete.

To complete the submission follow these steps:

1) Click On Submit and click OK on the popup this performs the initial submit:

2) You will now see the Request Sent message and a button to "Poll" HMRC for a response. Wait a moment and click the "Poll" Button.

3) If HMRC returns a successful response you will see the message below and the EPS has been successfully submitted.

The EPS submission is now complete and you can start 2. Employee P60 End Of Year Certificates