1. Navigate to the Employee Record > Payroll Tab > Pay Component Sub Tab

  2. Click on the "Create Salary/Wages" button
  3. Depending on whether or not the employee is a a "Salaried" or "Waged" employee select 'Base Salary' (for salaried employees) or 'Normal Time' (for waged employees)
  4. Based on the Pay Component Sub Type that you choose, certain fields (such as Description, P&L, Balance Sheet) will default, certain fields (such as Class, Location and Department) will default from the Employee Record - these are editable as desired. Fill the remaining fields as below:

    FieldSalary - Base SalaryWages - Normal Time


    Quantity1Number of hours per week the employee works e.g. 40
    RateThe annual salary e.g. £50,000The hourly rate e.g. £24.03846
    AmountQuantity x Rate e.g. £50,000Quantity x Rate e.g. £961.54
    Start DateThe start date of the pay component

    The start date of the pay component



  5. You may need to complete further fields for example if you are setting up a furlough pay component
  6. Click "Save"