Prior to finalising a financial year, you should read the information provided by the ATO: Finalising your Single Touch Payroll data.

To finalise a year using STP, then please see the section below. Alternatively, if you need to generate and distribute Payment Summaries then please see the PAYG Payment Summary Processing Guide.

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We will be updating this page soon with details of new features designed to make the finalisation process more robust and easier for you.

Finalising a Financial Year

Finalising STP Payroll data

If the Pay Event you are creating and submitting is final (last one) for a specific Employee, you should mark the associated checkbox in the Final? column. Typical scenarios when you will need to do this are:

  • When an employee has been terminated and they will not receive any additional pay;
  • At the end of a financial year.

Once sent, the ATO will flag the employee as being finalised and will make pay details (e.g. Payment Summary) available to the employee. For more info, see the ATO's article on Finalising your Single Touch Payroll data