You must report any New Zealand Pay Run information within two days of a Pay Date. Employment Information includes employee's income for each pay cycle. Once a Pay Run reaches the Paid stage, Infinet Cloud Payroll automatically generates the required Employment Information Payday report file for you.

To download it to your computer, simply click the download it now link in the top banner. Once the file is downloaded onto your computer you will need to submit it to the IR.

Regenerating the Report for a Pay Run

To regenerate the Payday (Employment Information) report for a Pay Run:

  1. Open the relevant Pay Run record
  2. Click the Regenerate Payday Report button

  3. You can now review the data used to generate the report
  4. Alternatively, switch to the File Preview tab to preview the download file
  5. To update the associated report for this Pay Run, click the Save and Download button

Generating Reports Prior to 1st April 2019

Unless you have specifically enrolled with the NZ IRD for Payday Filing, you do not need to submit any Payday Reports prior to the 1st of April 2019. You should continue submitting generating reports (e.g. IR348) and submitting them as normal.

Making Amendments

Once you have reported a Pay Run by submitting/filing a Payday report then you cannot resubmit it. Employment Information reports should be resubmitted. If you need to make a change then you should make an amendment using the IR's portal.

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