As of May 2019 HMRC are deprecating their old authentication system. This means some Customers may need to re-encrypt their existing passwords within Infinet Cloud to be able to submit their RTI.

Role required: Payroll Administrator

Please note, run this process from start to finish in one sitting, do not change roles and do not leave the window dormant.

  1. Run the Configuration Wizard:  Payroll Administration > Payroll Setup > Configuration Wizard
  2. Select "Update Existing" and select the appropriate subsidiary (if you have multiple then this will need to be done once for each) and click Next:
  3. Click "Next" until you get to Section 6 - Accounting and then click "Update Password":
  4. A popup will appear (if it doesn't, check your address bar or speak to your IT department). Enter password and then press the tab key before "Save & Close".
  5. This will close the popup and return you to Section 6 - Accounting. Now press "Next" until you get to Section 10 - Confirm, where you can press "finish".

This completes the actions required to update your HMRC password.

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