1. Create a spreadsheet with necessary headings and save as a CSV

    Internal IDEmployee NameQuantityRateAmountStart Date
    The employee's internal IDThe employee's nameThe quantity (if "normal time" this will be the number of hours, if "base salary" this will be 1).

    The hourly rate (if "normal time") or the annual salary (if "base salary").

    The date the pay component started

    If necessary you can add in a “back date to” date and this will set a date to back date the payment.

  2. Go to Payroll Admin > Payroll Setup > Import CSV Records

  3. Set the Import Type to "Custom Records"
  4. Set the Record Type to "Pay Component"
  5. Select your CSV file
  6. Click "Next"
  7. Data Handling = ADD 
  8. Open Advanced Options and ensure "Log System Notes for Custom Fields" is ticked
  9. As we are updating a base salary set the Custom Form to "Salary/Wages Pay Component Form"
  10. Ensure "Run Server Suitescript and Trigger Workflows" is ticked

  11. Many of the fields will map automatically based on the headers matching the NetSuite Fields. Check that the fields are mapped correctly

    To map to a line, make it active by clicking the line, arrows will appear on either side of it when it is active, then click on either the NetSuite field or CSV field to map it to the line

  12. You can hard code or edit the mapping by clicking the "edit" pencil on the line in question. You will need to hard code the P&L Account, Pay Component Type, Pay Component Sub Type, UOM
  13. Ensure that the Employee is mapping to the Internal ID by clicking the pencil on the line
  14. Set it to internal ID
  15. Once mapped click Next

  16. Save as (remove the ID, rename) and run

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