If you export the existing Pay components from NetSuite as a .csv then you should have everything you need for the import to auto map. Make sure you don't change the column headings or have a Total line at the bottom of the .csv

Navigate to Payroll Admin > Payroll Setup > Import csv records

The import type would be "custom record" and the record type is "pay component" 

  1. The "internal id" of the existing pay component must be in your import file. The best way to do this is to export a list from NetSuite as a csv of the existing records. 
    You can then remove all other columns that don't need updating and only include the columns you want to change 
  2. When you do the "IMPORT MAPPING OPTIONS" page you need to ensure:
    1. It is run as an "update" not "add"
    2. You use the correct form for the type of Pay component you are updating. EG. If you are updating allowances you use the "Allowances Pay component form"
    3. "Run server script and trigger workflows" is ticked.

  3. On the Field Mapping page
    1. Your columns from your CSV should auto map

  4. On the final Page
    1. Add a name and "save and run"

  5. On the confirmation page
    1. Click the link to view the import status