The ATO has provided extensive documentation on Single Touch Payroll for businesses/employers.

At a minimum, we recommend you've read the Single Touch Payroll employer reporting guidelines PDF available from the ATO. 

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure that you're familiar with and fulfil your STP reporting obligations.

How to get started with STP

The quickest and easiest way of getting started with STP is to do the following BEFORE your first 2019/2020 Pay Run:

  1. Notify the ATO that you are using Infinet Cloud Payroll for STP
  2. Run the Branch Setup Assistant for each Company/Subsidiary/Branch you will be reporting for
  3. Ensure all your Employees have correct data
  4. Continue to process Payroll as you normally would. Reporting via STP will be initiated automatically.

Accessing STP functionality

You should use the Payroll Administrator - Unlocked or similar role when using STP functionality. If you have a NetSuite One World account, then Subsidiary permissions and restrictions are respected throughout the solution. All functionality can be easily accessed from the Payroll or Payroll Administration menu, Single Touch Payroll (AU) sub-menu.