The following instructions detail how to configure Token Based Authentication with the Administrator role in an account. This can be used for various external integrations with ICS Payroll, including Payroll REST Integration.

NetSuite's token-based authentication (TBA) is a standard OAuth implementation. Full instructions for using TBA, are available from the NetSuite Help Centre: 

For sample libraries and services that support TBA/OAuth, see:


  1. Login as an Administrator
  2. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features
    1. Under SuiteCloud, check Token-Based Authentication
    2. Click I Agree in popup
    3. Click Save
  3. Select/create a User / Employee  that the integration will function under
  4. Go to: Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations > New and set the following fields
    1. Name = ICS Payroll Integration
    2. Under Authentication, mark the TOKEN-BASED AUTHENTICATION checkbox
    3. Click Save
    4. Record the displayed Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in a safe place
  5. Log into NetSuite as the User (the one from step #3)
  6. On the Home screen, from the Settings portlet, select Manage Access Tokens
  7. Click New My Access Token
    1. Select the Integration you created earlier (e.g. ICS Payroll Integration), from the Application Name field
    2. Click Save
    3. Record the displayed Token ID andToken Secret in a safe place
  8. Input the recorded Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token ID and Token Secret into the application you are integrating.

Obtaining a Token programmatically

Aternatively, it's possible to obtain (issue and get) a token by calling a special endpoint with user credentials. For full details see NetSuite's Help Article: Issue Token and Revoke Token REST Services for Token-Based Authentication