1. Navigate to Payroll Administration > Payroll Setup > Vendors > New

  2. Confirm if it is a company or an Individual you are paying
  3. Put in the vendor’s name 
  4. Select the subsidiary this vendor needs to be linked to 
  5. On the Payroll Tab Select the payroll balance sheet account that will be linked to the Vendor
  6. Ensure that there is a tick in the payroll vendor box
  7. Select a Payroll Vendor Category – if the type of vendor you need is not available in the drop down you are able to create a new one by hovering over Payroll Vendor Category and a + will appear
  8. If paying the vendor via the payroll file, please ensure that there is a tick in the “Pay in Payroll EFT” box
  9. Save
  10. Navigate to the Payroll tab – you will be able to see now there are more options to select from - then go to the Payroll Bank Details Subtab and click the New Payroll Bank Account button
  11. Please use the bank name provided by the vendor, if not supplied use a contextual name. Do not complete the "Employee Field".
  12. BSB number – is where you will add the sort code of the vendor
  13. Bank account number of the vendor
  14. Payment description will be the reference that the Vendor will see when they receive the payment
  15. For account status please select Primary
  16. Ensure you set up the start date at the earliest date that you are going to need to use it.
  17. Save
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