You are able to set a message on payslips by mass update. For this you need to have at least initiated the payrun for the period you want the payslips to have a message on.

Please review that your payslip template incorporates messages - the standard ICS UK payslip does, but if you have customised yours it may need adding - contact if you are unsure

  1. Logged in as Payroll administrator go to Payroll Admin > Payroll Setup > Mass Updates 

  2. Expand "general updates" and select "payslip"

  3. In the criteria filter by the payrun you want to update the payslip for
  4. In the mass update fields you need to tick the payslip message box you can then enter the message into the value field
  5. Click Preview

  6. If you are happy with the records that will be updated in the preview click the perform update button

This will only update the payslip message for the one pay run. 

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