Single Touch Payroll reports are submitted to the ATO using Infinet Cloud's Aus Key as a signing credential. Each Aus Key has an expiry date; once expired the Aus Key cannot be used for signing purposes. The Infinet Cloud Payroll Aus Key expires on the 11th of October, and prior to this date you must renew the signing credential.

30 days prior to the expiry of the Aus Key you will receive the following warning when Reporting STP:

This message is alerting that the AUSkey needs renewing but it is not stopping the STP submission. If you do not renew the AUSkey prior to the expiry of the AUSkey you will see the following message and WILL NOT be able to submit STP.

How to Renew Signing Credentials

To renew the signing credentials you need to run the STP setup wizard (Payroll Administration > Single Touch Payroll AU > Branch Setup Assistant). Select one of your configured branches and step through to the 3rd Step Load AusKey Credentials.

Click the "Click HERE to load signing credentials" which will open a new window.

The Load AUSkey for STP form gets the latest Aus Key from Infinet Cloud, observe the updated Valid To date. Click the Save AUSkey Credentials button, the window will close and proceed through the remaining steps of the Assistant using the Next button.

Once you reach the Confirm and Save stage ensure you click the "Finish" button as this updated the managed key being used by the branch.

If you have multiple branches you only need to update one, the renewed Aus Key will be updated onto all branches which have an existing Key that is marked as "managed".

What Next ?

You may have noticed that the Expiry date on the new AUSkey is the 30th of March 2020, this is because the ATO are switching to a new M2M Credential and the use of the existing AUSkey for signing submissions will cease operation then.

Rest assured our development team are hard at work building support for M2M which will be ready well in advance of the 30th of March.