feat: New feature / Improvement added to the product
fix: Bug fixes found in an existing release

MyPay Release v4.3.0 (latest)


  • feat: Track time deletion in NetSuite and sync them back
  • feat: Expenses view - show order number within the receipt expenses list
  • feat: Warn on low OCR probability within the expense
  • feat: Improved image sorting in receipt list
  • feat: Improve ability to navigation in role selector
  • feat: Improved viewing and editing of expense receipt list
  • feat: Auto resize columns within expense report
  • feat: Fixed navigation from activity to timesheet
  • feat: Approvers ability to view sub-ordinates documents

Bug Fixes:

  • fix: Disable award-time edit after some of its transaction are processed
  • fix: In some scenarios status can be inconsistent during AwardTime submit
  • fix: delete sync-out gets: RCRD_DSNT_EXIST from NS
  • fix: Issues with insufficient permission when pushing employee updates to NetSuite
  • fix: Date incorrectly OCR'd from the receipt
  • fix: Edit receipt button tweak for tablets
  • fix: Expenses ordering - save and new does not select a next receipt according the new ordering
  • fix: Expenses preview list max/min height not working for PDF
  • fix: Invalid date error when displaying an allowance record
  • fix: AwardTime edit, submit and sync causing inability to save in same cases
  • fix: In progress image loading overlay select role menu
  • fix: Text length on transaction memo field
  • fix: Some Time records are not in status OPEN or user has no permission to submit/approve them
  • fix: Notify user if they're trying to submit empty timesheet
  • fix: Incorrect page sizing on expense detail screen within some scenarios

MyPay Release v4.2.0

Released on  

This release consists of major improvements into Expense Management. We've also upgraded our infrastructure to improve security and loading time of MyPay.

- feat: Selected OCR values are highlighted on the receipt
- feat: Improvements into Expense Details management and header information
- feat: Upgraded database layer to the latest stable release
- feat: Added uploading of receipts to NS. This is still BETA and it's only enabled in certain accounts.
- feat: Support for HEIF/HEIC format (iOS pictures)
- feat: Support for exporting all data from tables (not just the one retrieved)
- feat: Ability to edit as approver open/pending expenses
- feat: Improved image preview loading time and conversion
- feat: Automatically setting receipt when creating a new one
- feat: Added BREAK TIME in period timesheet entry
- feat: Improved logic around default expense dates
- feat: PDF preview within thumbnail list of receipts
- fix: Numerous fixes into allowance / time synchronisation to improve stability
- fix: Project Task filtering on Expense/Timesheet entry
- fix: Deletion of expense receipts
- fix: Unlinking of expense details from the expense report
- fix: Issues with colours in safari browser on timesheet period entry
- fix: Fix disordering of expense lines between MyPay and NetSuite

We have also moved to new issue and release management. This will help us to make sure we can keep you up to date with new features as they come out.

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