If you have submitted an employee's termination date on an FPS and you wish to correct this you will need to submit a second FPS with the correct date. 

If there is an adjustment payment to be made you will need to run an adjustment pay run and add this in manually and then run through the payroll as usual until the reporting stage.

  1. Go to the employee record/s and open in Edit mode
  2. On the Human Resources tab set the appropriate termination date 
  3. Save

Once you've fixed the employee data, do the following:

  1. Create a new pay run
  2. Change the Pay Run Type to "Adjustment"
  3. Match the Period Start Date to the pay run you want to adjust
  4. Match the Pay Date to pay run you want to adjust
  5. Tick "Skip Pay Components"
  6. Select only the employee/s you want to correct
  7. Submit
  8. Click "Return to Payrun"
  9. Click Edit
  10. Set the status of the pay run to "Payrun Paid"
  11. Save
  12. Click on the payslip in the sublist opening in Edit mode
  13. Change the Payslip Status to "Paid"
  14. Save (repeat 12, 13 and 14 for any other payslips in the run)
  15. Initiate FPS
  16. Edit the RTI Activity
  17. Set the Late Reason to "H: Correction to Earlier Submission"
  18. Save
  19. Review and submit the FPS when happy

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