By default payroll expenses will firstly post to the account that is set on the Pay Component Sub type, which will normally have been set during the Configuration process.  If you have employees that need to post to a different account for different sub types you can edit their pay components and update the account there, which will override the sub type setting for those individuals. 

If you have a situation where different employees need to post to different accounts for non pay component related records e.g annual leave, public holidays or non- "normal time" sub type timesheet related like overtime, then you will need to set the Payroll Expense Allocation field on the employee record to have a Grouping set. To follow are the instructions for this.

This record will then be used in both the Payroll Posting Journal created in the Pay Run and in the Payroll Expense Re-Allocation journal. 

Create the Payroll Expense Group

  1. Navigate to Payroll Administration > Payroll Setup > Payroll Expense Grouping > New
  2. Name the group and then select the applicable pay component sub type under the allocations tab and enter the expense account that you want it to post to.  You can also specify Department , Class , Location fields if applicable
  3. If there are other sub types that need to post to different accounts then continue to add them 
  4. Once complete you can save the record. 
  5. If you need to have more groups setup then repeat the same steps again with a new name.

Set the Group on the employee record

Now that the group is created you can edit the employee record and on the Payroll Tab set this group as below, then save.  Going forward any pay runs that are processed will post to the accounts that are set on the grouping rather than on the sub type.