If you wish to pay your Payroll Vendors in your payroll EFT File at the same time as your employees you can follow these steps:

  1. Firstly navigate to payroll Configuration Wizard 1. Configuration Wizard and at Step 4 tick the Pay Vendors in EFT File box, then click next to the end and FINISH.
  2. Login as NetSuite full Administrator role and access the vendor record that you want to pay e.g ATO, Child Support Agency etc
  3. Edit the record
  4. On the Payroll Tab make sure the Pay in Payroll EFT box is ticked then click SAVE.
  5. View the Payroll Bank Account sub tab and click on the New Payroll Bank Account button and then enter the Vendors BSB and other Account information then SAVE.

Payments to this vendor will now be included in the EFT file on each pay run that is processed.