The Progress Bar was introduce with our 19.2 release in June 2019. It provides a graphical representation of the current state and progress through a pay run including upcoming steps.


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Collapsing/Expanding the Progress Bar

You can collapse/expand the Progress Bar by clicking the little arrow icon. Whatever state you set will be automatically remembered for you across pay runs.

Complete Pay Run

A Pay Run is considered to be complete, when it is at one of the following stages:

  • Paid (inc. Partially Paid)
  • Emailed

Depending on your jurisdiction, reporting requirements and configuration - you may need to take additional action. For example, in Australia you will need to Report via STP. Any information regarding the Reporting of a Pay Run will be displayed in the banner above the Progress Bar.

Example with STP

Background Processing and Rollback

When a stage/script of the pay run may take a longer time to process then this will go into the background (some people may be familiar with the term scheduled). When this happens, the Progress Bar will change to yellow and report the percentage complete. To update the percentage, click the Refresh button. Whilst processing in the background, you may use other parts of the system but cannot make any changes to the pay run.

1. Background process example

2. Rollback example

Error(s) during the Pay Run process

If an error occurs at any stage of the Pay Run process then the progress bar will change to red.


Termination Pay Run

Termination Pay Runs have less stages than a standard Pay Run. On such Pay Runs, you will find the Progress Bar will be missing the Enter Time/Variables and Process stages.