From 1 April 2019 New Zealand employers must:

  • file employment information every payday instead of an Employer monthly schedule (IR348)
  • provide new and departing employees' address information, as well as their date of birth - if provided

For more information on what is expected of you, see the IR's Employer Responsibilities page.


This is a FAQ document. Go to the the NZ Payday Filing Guide for detailed instructions on using Infinet Cloud Payroll with Payday Filing.

What is the Employment Information report?

Employment Information includes employee incomes for each pay cycle. This report replaces the old monthly schedule (IR348) reports. Employers (you) must submit this information to the IR within two working days of the payday.

What is the Employee Details report?

This report includes the details of new and departing employees. This information is expected to be supplied to IR no later than the next filing of employment information, but can be supplied earlier as per the Taxation Act 2018 - Section 23 L.

How will the required Employment Information and Employee Details Payday information be generated?

You will be able generate an Employment Information report at the end of any NZ pay run. Reports for Employee Details can be generated ad-hoc for any specific date range. You will then need to upload the generated report (exported file) to the IR using the myIR file upload service.

How will we submit the above generated Payday reports?

Infinet Cloud Payroll will generate the required (CSV) report files for you. You will then need to login to myIR and upload each file using the IR's file upload service.

When do the Payday reports need to be submitted by?

The most common scenarios are:

  1. New employees, their details (Employee Details) will need to be submitted prior to their first pay run.
  2. Employment Information (off the back of a pay run) will need to be submitted within 2 days of the pay date. 

Other scenarios are detailed in the Business Use Cases document provided by IR.

Will the current ir-File (upload) service be discontinued?

Yes, on 11 March, the ir-File service in myIR – used to file Employer Monthly Schedules and Employer Deductions forms – will be discontinued. However it is being replaced by Payroll Returns account, which will show in your myIR account from 28 February. File upload and online entry options will still be available so you can continue to upload as required.

Will we need to file the IR348?

No, once you have starting filing Employment Information each payday then there is no need for the Employer monthly schedule (IR348).

For new starters, do we still need to upload KiwiSaver enrolment details?

Yes, you will need upload KiwiSaver enrolment details for any new starters. You should upload this information first, followed by the Employee Details - all before their first pay. For more information, see the Business Use Cases document.

When will our account be upgraded with Infinet Cloud's Payday features?

As of the 18th of March 2019, all accounts have been upgraded.

Can we trial Payday reporting prior to the go-live date 1st of April 2019?

Yes, since all accounts have been upgraded and therefore you can trial Payday Filing. Please use the test upload facility linked from the NZ Payday Filing Guide. Alternatively, if you want to begin using Payday Filing prior to the 1st of April 2019 then you must contact the IRD.

Will Infinet Cloud Payroll support Payday filling via Gateway Services?

Not at this stage. For FY 2019/2020, you will need to use the IR's File Upload Service to do your Payday filing. Infinet Cloud Payroll will generate the required files for this, so all you will need to do is upload the relevant file. In the future, once the IRD supports the authentication method required by NetSuite for their Gateway Services, Infinet Cloud will release a direct integration that does not require the manual file upload step.  We will keep you posted!