As of the 1st of April 2019, Payday Filing is compulsory for all New Zealand employers. For more information see the Inland Revenue's website, specifically Employer Responsibilities.

Infinet Cloud Payroll generates the (CSV) files required for Payday Filing. This means you do not need to manually enter any information.

The following Payday Filing report types and processes are supported:

ProcessPayday Filing TypeTypical Due Date
Reporting New & Departing EmployeesEmployee DetailsPrior to employee's first pay
Reporting a Pay RunEmployment InformationWithin 2 days of Pay Date
Reporting New Contractors(Vendor) Employee DetailsPrior to first payment
Reporting Contractor Payments(Vendor) Employment InformationBy the 15th of each month

Due Dates are illustrative only, you should refer to the IR's website for more specific information

Submitting Payday Report Files

Any files/reports you generate will need to be uploaded through myIR in the Payroll returns account. You can submit files through the File return or File transfer link. From here, the process is similar to ir-File.

Alternatively, if you have smaller pay runs, you can use the IR's onscreen data entry method in myIR in the Payroll returns account.

Payday Filing Business Use Cases

Below are some typical use cases for Payday Filing. Please note this is not an exhauastive list, but should give you an overall understanding of which reports are required and when.

Use CaseEmployee DetailsEmployment InformationNotes

First time employee enrolled in KiwiSaver

  1. file employee details for new employee
  2. file employment information


2.You should file a KS1 before the Employee Details

New employee (Active KS member)

  1. file employee details
  2. file employment information

Existing employee

  1. file employment information


Employment info filed on payday (or within two days of payday)

Departing employee

  1. file employee details
  2. file employment information

Testing Submission of Saved Report Files

The IR provides a test upload facility for software developers. At your own risk, you may use this service to test a saved payday report file. Please use the appropriate link: