Unpaid Sick Leave & SSP

Entering Unpaid Sick Leave

If you are processing a period of unpaid sick leave or a period of statutory sick pay you will need to enter unpaid leave for the employee first.

  1. Navigate to the Employee Record > Leave Info tab > Leave Request subtab
  2. click "New Leave Request"
  3. Select the Leave Type "Sick Leave" (Unpaid)
  4. Enter the Start Date (first day of absence)
  5. Enter the End Date (final day of absence)
  6. Set the status to "Approved"
  7. Tick "Suppress Email" if you do not wish the employee to receive an email alert that the leave request has been created
  8. Click Save

Processing SSP

You will need to use the HMRC SSP Calculator to work out how many days and how much SSP the employee is due to be paid.

You will then need to enter a one off pay detail for the Statutory Sick Pay.

  1. Navigate to Payroll Administration > Payroll Activities > Enter One Off Details for more information on entering one off pay details click here.
  2. Enter a date within the pay period this is related to
  3. Select the employee to be paid SSP
  4. Select Statutory Sick Pay
  5. Until will be "Day"
  6. Quantity is the number of days SSP to be paid
  7. Enter the daily rate of SSP for the employee
  8. Click "Add"
  9. Click "Submit"

This SSP payment will now pull through into the next pay run you create.

Paid Sick Leave

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