If these are the first P11D Details that you are importing for the tax year, when creating the P11D Details the parent P11D Record will be created.

You will need to download the P11D import template here. Complete the required sheets with the P11D details information - each sheet is for a specific type of P11D Detail. Once each tab is completed save each as an individual CSV file.

  1. Navigate to Payroll Administration > Payroll Setup > Import CSV Records
  2. Import Type = Custom Records
  3. Record Type = P11D Detail
  4. Select your CSV file to import
  5. Click Next
  6. Data Handling = ADD
  7. Open Advanced
  8. Tick "Log System Notes for Custom Fields"
  9. Select the P11D Type that you are importing from the drop down - in this example we are using F - Cars and Fuel
  10. Tick "Run Server SuiteScript and Trigger Workflows"
  11. Click Next
  12. As the headings in the CSV are the same as the headings used in NetSuite these will map automatically, check that these are correct.
    You can select either to map using employee name, external ID or Internal ID, if you do map employee against an ID you will need to click the edit pencil icon next to the employee and and set this to Internal or External ID. 
  13. Click Next
  14. Enter a name for the Import so that you can use it again for next years P11D imports e.g. P11D Import - F Cars and Fuel.
  15. Save and Run
  16. Check the import status and confirm that these are successful
  17. You will then want to review the P11D Details created - navigate to Payroll Administration > UK Reports > P11D Detail
  18. Repeat as necessary for other P11D detail types.

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