Netsuite 2018.2 Update

The NetSuite 2018.2 release enforces 2 factor authentication for the Administrator role, but does not enforce 2 factor authentication for the payroll roles included in the payroll Suite Bundle.

(Australian Customer Only) If you are using Single Touch Payroll you must configure 2FA as per ATO guidelines.

Each time a user logs in to NetSuite, they must enter an email address and password. By enabled two factor authentication (2FA) for a role, the user must enter a verification code obtained from an authenticator app, or from an SMS message or voice call. Each verification code is a unique series of numbers valid for a limited time, and only for a single login. During setup, users are also supplied with backup codes that can also be used for 2FA access.

The payroll roles included in the Infinet Cloud Payroll Bundle are not 2FA enabled by default. To enable two factor authentication follow these instructions.

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Two-Factor Authentication > Two-Factor Authentication Roles.
  2. Select 2FA authentication required from the list in the Two-Factor Authentication Required column for any role that you want 2FA to be required.
  3. In the Duration of Trusted Device column, accept the default (Per session) or select the length of time before a device a user has marked as trusted will be subject to a two-factor authentication request.
  4. Click Submit.

For addition information search for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in the NetSuite help center. Note: Managed Bundle updates do not affect account set 2FA settings.