As of Monday 24 June 2019, STP Report submissions are not being accepted by the ATO. All submissions (Update and Submit) appear to be returning an errorCode of EBMS:0101, and description of UserExitManagementServiceFailure. This error can easily be identified on the relative STP Pay Event record:

We apologise for the obvious inconvenience at this critical time and rest assured we are working closely and as quickly as possible with the ATO to resolve this issue.

What to do

If you receive this error, DO NOT RETRY NOR DELETE THE PAY EVENT. Instead,

  1. Contact with the details required (see below) when contacting us about this issue
  2. Watch this page for any updates (see below)
  3. Once there is a fix in place then you will be able to resubmit/retry.

Information required when contacting us

  • Info from the STP Pay Event record:
    • Your Company/Subsidiary/Branch Name 
    • STP Pay Event ID (e.g. PAYEVNT0599)
  • Info from the ebMS Request record:
    • Message ID (e.g. b6d65853-c9a9-419d-89c5-b58b2258d94c@1561379117171)
    • Sent Date/Time (e.g. 24/06/2019 13:25:22)
Info required from STP Pay Event recordHow to get to ebMS Request RecordInfo required from ebMS Record

Live Updates (all times in AEST)

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 (TODAY)
8:42 - Communication will go out to customers informing that the new version 19.2.01 will be released this evening, the fix addresses the underlying issue injected by the ATO at the weekend, and also ensures failed pay events can be retried.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019
19:00 - Testing has taken longer than expected as a result of needing to migrate the status of retry pay events, a new version 19.2.01 is now in deployment testing.
15:50 - We have identified a potential fix that we are now testing. If testing is successful then we hope to begin updating customer accounts via mini-bundle later tonight.
15:00 - ATO have identified a potential cause of the issue, resulting from changes that were put into production by the ATO during the weekend scheduled maintenance.
Our engineers are reviewing the findings to confirm whether this is the cause of the issue.
13:00 - ATO specialist engineer and our engineers have met and are working to further diagnose the issue
10:00 - Email sent out to all customers advising of this issue
09:55 - Instructions on this page were updated
09:38 - This page was created
08:30 - Issue further escalated with the ATO
Monday, 24 June 2019
19:42 - Infinet Cloud re-ran STP Conformance Tests and confirmed all tests are failing with the same error
16:00 - ATO still investigating
13:40 - Initial response received from the ATO
12:20 - Issue escalated with the ATO
10:24 - Issue raised with the ATO
09:40 - First incident reported to Infinet Cloud
07:00 - ATO Completes update/upgrade of SBR1, SBR2 production and SBR2 PROD2 Cloud services including PLS, STP and Super

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