1. Navigate to the Employee Record > Payroll Tab > Pay Component Sub Tab

  2. Click on the "Create Salary Sacrifice" button
  3. Select the type of allowance you are wanting to create
  4. Based on the Pay Component Sub Type that you choose, certain fields (such as Description) will default from the Pay Component Sub Type set up - these can be edited, certain fields will default from the Payee (Balance Sheet Account) and certain fields (such as Class, Location and Department) will default from the Employee Record. Fill the remaining fields as in the below for Childcare Voucher:


    Childcare Vouchers




    May default from Pay Component Sub Type set up - or needs to be set as the vendor record for the Childcare voucher company - Setting up a Payroll Vendor

    RateThe annual total of the salary sacrifice e.g. 2,916
    AmountQuantity x Rate e.g. 2,916
    Start DateThe start date of the pay component
  5. You are able to set these as a percentage by ticking "Is Percentage", entering the percent type and the percentage to be sacrificed. This will override the Rate and Amount.
  6. Click "Save"

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