1. Navigate to the Employee Record > Payroll Tab > Pay Component Sub Tab

  2. Click on the "Create Allowance" button
  3. Select the type of allowance you are wanting to create
  4. Based on the Pay Component Sub Type that you choose, certain fields (such as Description, P&L, Balance Sheet) will default based on you PCST choice and certain fields (such as Class, Location, Department and Frequency) will default from the Employee Record. Fill the remaining fields as below:

    FieldAllowance e.g. 
    UOMDepends on the Pay Frequency of Employee/type of payment you are making e.g. Month, Week, Hour
    FrequencyDepends on the Pay Frequency of Employee e.g. Monthly, Weekly


    The quantity of the Allowance to be paid per frequency e.g. 1
    RateThe amount of the allowance
    AmountQuantity x amount
    Start DateThe start date of the allowance pay component


    Earnings for PensionDepending on the allowance type - tick this is the earnings are pensionable
  5. Click "Save"
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