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It's important to understand the difference between an Employee and a User. An Employee is an employee as is in your organisation and in your NetSuite account. A User is an Employee that also has been granted access (invited) to MyPay.

Inviting Employee(s) to MyPay

  1. As an Admin, from the Setup menu select Employees
  2. Mark the Employee(s) you would like to invite to MyPay
  3. Click the Invite to MyPay button
  4. Select the Role you want to assign to the Employees
  5. Click the Invite Employees to MyPay button
  6. The selected Employee(s) will now receive an email with further instructions on setting up their login access.


Managing Users

The best place to start when managing your users is the Active Employees list. This is only accessible as an Admin. To view the list, from the Setup menu select Active Users.

Resetting 2FA

If a user is having trouble logging in, as Admin you can reset their 2FA settings. To do this:

  1. Go to the menu Setup > Active Users
  2. Click the relative User
  3. Click the Reset 2FA button
  4. Upon next login, the user will now be prompted to setup 2FA again.

Disabling 2FA

To protect your data, Infinet Cloud strongly recommend againsts disabling 2FA for a user/employee. You should only do this in exceptional circumstances and you do so at your own risk.

To disable 2FA for an employee, follow the Resetting 2FA instructions above but click the Disable 2FA button.

License Limits

Your MyPay license limits the number of Users that you can access MyPay. Any User where the following is TRUE counts towards this limit:

  • Is a User (not an Employee) of MyPay
  • Associated Employee record is Active and MyPay Access is enabled (both of these values are derived from your NetSuite account)

Pending Invitations

Note: An Admin can invite Employees beyond your license limit. Only once the employee completes registration do they count towards the license limit. Once the license limit is reached, any employee(s) that attempts to complete their registration will get an error and will be prevent from becoming a user.

Checking your License Limit

The easiest way to view your license limit is to login into MyPay as an Admin, and select Company Preferences from the top-right profile menu. 

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