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Infinet Cloud MyPay SuiteApp - Version 6.1.0

This notice is to inform you about an intended update to your Infinet Cloud MyPay SuiteApp

Listed below are the target release dates, required actions and details of the update that will be included in the new version of the Infinet Cloud MyPay SuiteApp

Target Release Dates

  • 23rd October 2020 – Release to all Partner, TSTDRV & Production Accounts. 


Infinet Cloud MyPay version 6.1.0 will include the following:

  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Reset:  In an effort to improve 2FA usability and eliminate issues with SMS not being received, we are moving to support 2FA codes via Email and Authenticator Apps only.  2FA will be reset for all users and will require users to setup their chosen method on their next login post update. 

Please review this link for instructions you can provide to all your users on what will be required Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Reset

NB: If your users are set up with Single Sign On (SSO) they will not be affected by this change and no action is required

Required Actions

  • Please review the above guide and communicate this in advance to your employees so that they are aware of this change.

As always, if you have any questions or issues then please Contact Support and provide full information including screen shots so we can assist.

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