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Updating Features and Record Permission

To change the enabled features (and related MyPay Record permissions), just re-run the MyPay Setup wizard. To run the Setup wizard:

  1. Log into NetSuite as an Administrator.
  2. Using the menu, go to Setup > Custom > MyPay Setup
  3. Run the wizard all the way through making any required changes.

Integration details

If MyPay is already setup and running in your account then you cannot update Integration Details using the MyPay Setup wizard. To update Integrations Details (e.g. Keys and Tokens), see the relevant section under: Integration Troubleshooting

Editing Record Permission directly

Whenever the MyPay Setup wizard is run then it will update the Mypay Record Permissions correctly for the Features selected. However, there are scenarios where record permissions may need to be updated directly. 


Do not edit MyPay Record Permission records directly unless you know what you're doing. An incorrect change may break your integration and additional charges may be incurred to resolve any issues.

To edit the permissions of a specific MyPay Record Permission record:

  1. Log into NetSuite as an Administrator
  2. Using the menu, go to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments
  3. Change the Filters to Type: User Event, Record Type: MyPay Configuration
  4. Click Edit on the line for MyPay Prevent Editing (User Event)
  5. Unmark the Deployed checkbox.
  6. Save the Script Deployment.
  7. Find to the relevant MyPay Record Permission record and make the changes required.
  8. Go back to the MyPay Prevent Editing (User Event) script deployment and redeploy the script.

Risk of changes being reverted

Any manual changes made to a MyPay Record Permission record using the steps above may get reverted if the MyPay Setup wizard is re-run.

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